The rehearsal dinner, which typically happens the night before a wedding ceremony, is supposed to be a relatively light and fun way for the lucky couple to welcome their closest friends and family members, as well as provide an opportunity for both families to get to know each other better. A night full of eating, drinking, gift-giving, and toasting, it’s usually an enjoyable event…

That is, unless you’re Bradley Moss and Amy Bzura. The couple’s ritzy rehearsal dinner, which took place late last year at the Blue Water Grill in Manhattan, was to be the prelude to a $325,000 wedding at the Pierre Hotel.

All seemed fine until a brawl broke out between the families, eventually causing the couple to call off the wedding. The result was quite… epic.

Bradley Moss and Amy Bzura were preparing to celebrate their $325,000 wedding with a fancy rehearsal dinner on October 28, 2016 at Manhattan’s Blue Water Grill when all hell broke loose.

01-wedding-rehearsal-brawlBradley Moss / Facebook

According to a lawsuit filed by the Bzura family, the bride’s brother, Adam, stood up to give a toast and video tribute. Bradley’s parents, Robert and Wendy Moss, objected. Robert “inexplicably and angrily declared that Adam was not allowed to speak at the dinner.” He then threatened Adam by saying, “Do you know what I can do to you?” That’s when Wendy got into the mix, arguing with Adam… who was then socked by Bradley’s brother, Michael.

02-wedding-rehearsal-brawlBradley Moss / Facebook

Robert apparently tried to charge at Adam, and Amy’s father, Bruce, had to hold him back. Wendy then began telling guests that the wedding was called off.

It only got worse from there. After the mayhem, the Mosses threatened to cut their son from their will and kick him out of the family business, Long Island Pipe Supply, if he didn’t end things with Amy.

03-wedding-rehearsal-brawlNY Post

The Moss family even changed the locks on the apartment the couple shared, preventing Amy from accessing her things.

Ultimately, several countersuits were filed, mostly involving each family claiming the other owed them money for the canceled nuptials. Bradley even sued Amy for the $125,800 engagement ring he’d bought her. Talk about a wedding nightmare!

04-wedding-rehearsal-brawlNY Post

Money can buy a lot of things, but it can also cause some serious headaches! Still, the thought of that much money going toward a canceled wedding… ouch.

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