A byproduct of children growing up is that once-essential items are no longer necessary. After spending so much on strollers and the like, it’s hard to come to grips with just tossing them in the trash. Instead, why not repurpose them into something useful again?

There are a ton of creative things you can do with a defunct crib, for instance. Before you toss that expensive item, check out these ideas for repurposing old cribs and really get your money’s worth!

1. Make a magazine rack.

01-uses-for-old-cribsNo Dime Design

2. Turn it into some cute wall decor.

02-uses-for-old-cribsPJK News

3. A craft table for the now-big kids would be perfect.


4. Use it to create a colorful reading nook.


5. Craft a stylish chalkboard easel.

05-uses-for-old-cribsThe Red Kitchen

6. A bench for your hallway could add a classy touch.

06-uses-for-old-cribsA Diamond In The Stuff

7. A storage and drying rack for the kitchen will sure come in handy.


8. This storage unit looks great and is more than useful.

08-uses-for-old-cribsAchados De Decoracao

9. This sewing and craft station is great for smaller spaces.

09-uses-for-old-cribsMade By Marzipan

10. If those kids haven’t grown too fast, then how about making them this wagon?


11. Patio furniture is always needed, right?


12. This tiny love seat is a perfect fit for any playroom.


13. This summer cook-out station will spice up any backyard.

13-uses-for-old-cribsConsignment Sale Queen

14. Use the metal from the frame to create this suspended glass jar candle holder.


15. Did we mention cute patio furniture?!


16. Your old crib sure makes a nice place to put your china.

16-uses-for-old-cribsSome Day Crafts

There’s something for everyone in these great DIYs. Now, there’s no excuse to not get to work on a project!

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