As much as we love animals and enjoy watching their wonderful and adorable antics, we need to remember that they’re not here for our entertainment. Sadly, there are people who don’t realize this. People like the former owners of a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania, where four bears were neglected and nearly starved to death for twenty whole years.

Marsha, Fifi, Bruno, and Pocahontas spent their entire lives in this Pennsylvania roadside zoo.


They were mostly kept in these rusty cages without shade, shelter, or water for swimming and cooling off.


They had only a rickety dog house for shelter, and were kept from hibernating according to their natural cycle.


When they weren’t in the cages, they were being forced to participate in cruel circus acts.


By the time the bears were discovered by PETA, they had developed serious health problems and spent their days pacing their cages and shaking, a sign of severe mental distress.


Thankfully, PETA acted fast and moved the bears to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado.


After a 24-hour cross-country journey, they were finally let out of their cages and allowed to roam free… for the first time in their lives.


Watch their first taste of freedom!

It’s so wonderful to see them take their first steps as free bears. Once they’re adjusted, they will be moved to 15-acre habitats where they’ll be able to live out the rest of their lives in peace. Nice work, PETA!

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