There’s something about snuggling with an animal that makes us feel great. We may not be able to explain why, but holding a tiny, adorable creature close to you releases stress and puts a smile on your face; you want to live in that soft and fluffy moment forever!

One animal that you wouldn’t imagine to be synonymous with snuggling is a toucan. When was the last time you saw somebody nestling with a bird as if it were a dog or a cat? Probably never… but, then again, you’ve never met Ripley.

Ripley the toucan, apparently, is one of the cuddliest birds around. As his owner scratches his head and beak, his reactions are too adorable!

You may not think that birds like to be cuddled as much as cats or dogs, but Ripley the toucan will change your mind. Her owners have a very special relationship with her, and it’s incredible to witness.

toucan 1

Ripley will snuggle up with her owners as if she’s a cat or a dog. She loves when her head and beak are scratched, and purrs with enjoyment. 

toucan 2

Watch the precious video below and listen to the sound Ripley makes when her owner treats her to a massage!

Have you ever seen anything like this? Ripley’s brand of cute is definitely her own!

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