London’s River Thames has historically been the chief economic lifeline of the English capital. It’s so ingrained in the spirit of the city and nation as a whole that it’s been called “liquid history.”

It’s also home, evidently, to an incredible mystery that might just give the Loch Ness Monster a run for its money. It’s no surprise that the cameraman couldn’t even believe what he was witnessing.

You’re definitely going to want to see what one man just captured coming out of the world-famous river. It’s hard to deny that something fishy is happening!

There are some places all over the world that are inextricably linked to the mythology surrounding them. You’ve probably heard of the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, for example, so it’s hard to think of that real Scottish lake any other way.

Sam Fentress / Wikimedia Commons

The stories—and, quite often, hoaxes—surrounding a giant, long-necked sea monster residing there have persisted for generations. All these years later, it’s still a classic example of a modern myth, comparable to Bigfoot.

Rebecca Bird / Wikimedia Commons

That being said, these kinds of legends and rumors often shift or start to fade away, and that might just be the case with Nessie. The London’s River Thames, for example, might just give the Loch Ness Monster a run for its money…

Tom Arthur / Wikimedia Commons

The 215-mile-long River Thames, which flows through London and a great deal of southern England, has to be one of the most historically significant and storied rivers in the entire world—not to mention the country’s longest.

Justin Norris / Wikimedia Commons

YouTube user Penn Plate was in a cable car in Greenwich, England, overlooking the famous river when he saw something exceedingly strange—and, apparently, very large—in the water. What on Earth could it have possibly been?

The cameraman must have been so startled by the inexplicable thing that he could barely even keep his camera still. Indeed, it seemed like an otherwise ordinary day on a rather industrial area by the water… save for what was slithering through the river.

So what could this figure have been? It certainly looked like a monster, but surely there was a logical explanation, right? “Are there whales in the Thames?” he asked in his description. “Or is it some weird submarine?”

As this supposed monster—whale? Submarine?—disappeared into the water once more, the YouTube user looked around the area, as if he were trying to figure out what logical explanation could have been causing this phenomenon.

Yet a definitive answer never came. Was it some sort of Nessie-esque creature lurking in the murky river waters? Whatever it was, it certainly had people talking. After all, the Thames wasn’t exactly a remote waterway…

Magnus Manske / Wikimedia Commons

So, what do you think was the creature snaking its way through the dull brown water of the River Thames in London? It was unbelievable that this was even caught on film, but perhaps the video could shed light onto the mysterious object…

Yikes! If this thing has been able to hide in the Thames this long, who knows what else could be in there? Do we even want to find out?

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