There’s not a driver on Earth who hasn’t found themselves getting at least a little mad at another person every once and a while. It’s just part of the deal that, when you start the engine, someone out there on the highway will probably upset you.

That said, nothing could justify what one woman witnessed when another driver became beyond mad. Evidently, a man in a truck had been tailgating her for about three minutes when she decided to film what was happening.

Then, he drove around her and flipped her a stiff middle finger. Almost instantly, however, karma came knocking…

Driving is a privilege given to those who can adhere to the rules of the road. However, not everyone abides by those rules all the time. Road rage occurs all too frequently—and sometimes with disastrous results. When one woman realized that the driver of a truck tailing her on the highway had a hot temper, she turned on her camera and started filming.

The woman wasn’t sure why the driver behind her was so angry, but he was making sure that she knew just how upset he was. He was tailgating her very closely, and a few times, he even came within inches of hitting her bumper.

The woman was terrified; she wasn’t sure what the driver was capable of doing. She had no idea if he had a weapon on him or if he was the kind of person who would resort to physical violence if the two had a confrontation outside of their vehicles.

The woman glanced down at her speedometer and decided to drive faster. She hoped that he would leave her alone if he knew that she didn’t want to get involved in a highway tussle. But, no matter how fast she went, he was right on her tail.

Luckily, more cars started to come into view behind her. At least she wasn’t the only car around by the point. It would be hard for him to continue terrorizing her if there were other witnesses around to see him do it… right?

Suddenly, the truck pulled into the lane to the right and made a quick pass. As he sped by, the driver glared out of the window and flipped her the bird. This guy certainly had some sort of grudge he was holding onto—not to mention some serious rage issues!

After the truck moved completely past the woman, the driver suddenly swerved into her lane. She had to quickly press on the brakes or else she would have rear-ended him. The man was driving like an absolute lunatic! He was putting everyone’s safety in jeopardy around him.

The driver continued to veer across the highway and he eventually ended up in the far left lane. Was he going to eventually make a turn and leave her alone? The woman recording the incident could only hope. She had spent the previous 20 minutes scared for her life, and she wanted it to be over for good.

Without warning, the driver seemed to jerk his wheel to one side, causing his truck to swerve all over the left side of the highway. The woman and all the drivers behind her slammed on their brakes as they watched in horror at what was happening…

Watch the entire video below of this terrifying encounter with a driver who took things way too far. Terrorizing someone while they operate a motor vehicle is never okay. Just wait until you see what happened when it was all over…

That woman probably should’ve gotten out of the way—and she shouldn’t have been using her cell phone. That said, this dude was definitely a hazard to each and every one of the drivers on that road. Sometimes, karma can be tough!

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