Birdwatching is not a pastime for impatient people. Sure, anyone with a pair of binoculars can spot the occasional feathered friend in a tree from time to time without putting in much effort. However, it’s different for people who make birdwatching their passion.

Serious birdwatchers know that in order to spot something truly special you need to dedicate time, effort, and patience. This is something California-based birdwatcher Roy Dunn knows all too well. Dunn has logged thousands of hours over the span of three decades observing his own preferred species, hummingbirds.

Dunn had no problem luring hummingbirds to his feeder for observation, but he wanted more than a glimpse into their wild lives. It wasn’t until he set up a camera on his backyard bird feeder that he managed to capture something that most birdwatchers couldn’t even dream of seeing.

Birdwatcher Roy Dunn had no problem luring hummingbirds to his backyard feeder using an imitation flower nectar to attract them, but there was one thing he hadn’t accounted for…

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 11.01.18 AMYouTube/Roy Dunn

Hummingbirds weren’t all that he would attract with that feeder. Other creatures — like roadrunners or larger carnivorous birds — would sometimes find their way to his observation spot, too. But they didn’t have their eyes on the food Dunn provided. They had another snack in mind! 

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 11.17.21 AM

Watch how this roadrunner picks just the right moment swoop in for a shocking turn of events…

This video catches something so rare that even a dedicated birdwatcher like Roy couldn’t help but be captivated. That was nature in action!

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