It goes without saying that most parents would do anything to ensure the safety of their children. Keeping your loved ones out of danger is number one on the list of important parenting lessons.

Everyone knows that young children have a tendency to find themselves in dangerous situations while away from parental supervision. When a parent knowingly lets their child do something dangerous, though, that’s where the gray area of parenting styles begins.

The mother of 8-year-old YouTube star Rocco Piazza has recently come under fire for allowing her son to perform an extremely dangerous stunt to post on social media. Many people believe that letting him do this just wasn’t right…

Rocco is an 8-year-old YouTube star from Corona, California. He has garnered a massive following on the video-sharing website for performing risky stunts on a regular basis…


Rocco’s mother Holly and her boyfriend have recently become the subject of parenting scrutiny, however, after allowing the young boy to perform a stunt that put his life in serious danger.


The stunt began by filling the bed of a pickup truck with Orbeez, which are colorful water-absorbent beads…


Rocco has performed various other stunts with Orbeez, including piling them on top of a trampoline and jumping into them from above.


Once their truck was loaded with tons of Orbeez, Holly planned to drive around town with Rocco and his 20-year-old nanny lying down in the bed of the truck. 


This was, of course, being done so Rocco could share the video with the large number of followers that he has on his YouTube page.


Police were quickly alerted by concerned motorists who saw Holly driving around with Rocco and his Nanny in the bed of the truck.


The Orbeez were obviously slimy and caused Rocco and his nanny to move wildly around the bed of the truck…

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.09.17 AM

Since the video was released, many parents around the world have voiced concern that Holly was putting her own son and his nanny in danger by allowing them to perform the stunt. Just watch as Rocco and the young woman struggle not to fall from the bed of the truck…

That was certainly a risky stunt and Holly acknowledged that it was illegal, but who’s to say if this is truly good or bad parenting? The police will have to decide this one.

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