One of the most annoying parts of winter is, hands down, the shoveling. All of that white powder is magical until you pull a muscle in your shoulder digging your car out of a parking space. That wintry weather doesn’t seem so pleasant anymore.

The only thing more irritating than shoveling, though, is clearing snow off your roof. The buildup of snow can add a dangerous amount of additional weight, so it’s important to be mindful of that after a blizzard.

One man inadvertently discovered quite the amusing hack for getting all the snow off of his roof. You won’t believe his luck!

Nobody likes to shovel in the wintertime. People just want to enjoy the snow. But, after an intense blizzard, this group of friends had a lot of work to do.

snow fall 1

One of the group members started digging into the snow and, little by little, removing it…

snow fall 2

After a few shovel-fulls his inadvertent life-hack finally happened!

snow fall 3

Watch the video below to see this guy’s accidental, but efficient, winter hack!

We could all use a guy like that around the house after a heavy snowfall!

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