Imagine having an entire staff waiting on you hand and foot — all within the comfort of your palace. This fantasy is the British royal family’s reality. However, don’t mistake their luxurious lifestyle for being the same as a rich celebrity’s.

Joining the Royal family (or being born into it) comes with a lot of responsibility and thus, a lot of pressure. Representing the highest and most important rank of a nation doesn’t come without a few rules either. Some of these regulations make complete sense, but others may convince you that marrying the prince or princess might not be such a good idea after all…

1. No PDA in public, especially when traveling. Even married couples are not supposed to hold hands, let alone kiss. However, before Prince Harry settled down with his wife Meghan, he was known to kiss, boogie, and even grab a bottom!

2. Absolutely no shellfish or garlic for the royal family, especially at public dinners. The reason for the shellfish ban is practical: to avoid food poisoning. The garlic prohibition, on the other hand, is simply to avoid bad breath.

3. Unlike most families, the Royal family doesn’t open any gifts on Christmas. All presents must be exchanged on Christmas Eve in the red drawing room with some tea. The family leans towards gag gifts more than serious ones, and when Harry was still single, his sister-in-law Kate gave him a “grow your own girlfriend” kit!

4. No Monopoly! The Royal family is not that much different from the rest of us, as they too get into nasty spats during the strategic board game. To prevent them all from squabbles, the game has been banned by the Queen herself.  

5.  Always bring all black looks on your trips. Just in case a member of the family or a government official dies while others travel, everyone is required to bring an all-black outfit so that they are able to pay their respects to the deceased in proper attire.

6. A royal baby’s gender must be kept secret until birth. The British have accepted this as a challenge, and try to figure out what the baby’s gender is at all costs, even placing bets.

7. The queen’s dinner (or lunch) conversations are orchestrated to the last bite. At the start of the meal, she will converse with the person on her right, and halfway through, she will switch to whoever’s on her left. Let’s hope the people next to her know more than what the weather is like that day!

8. You’ve probably noticed that royal families all over the world tend to flaunt some sort of headwear at every social gathering. This is not just to give the press something to talk about, it’s actually a must. Women in Britain very seldom showed off their hair in public until the 1950s and the royal family is known for holding onto old traditions.

9. Heirs to the throne are not allowed to travel, especially fly, with other heirs. This is of course to protect the royal bloodline, but Prince William usually travels with his son George anyway.

10. Speaking of George, why is he always wearing shorts no matter the season? Apparently, boys under the age of eight must wear shorts as they are not mature enough for full-length trousers yet.

11. Tiaras may only be worn after 6pm by married women. Tiaras are the fanciest accessory in existence, so they are only appropriate for nighttime. They are also a sign that a woman is “off the market” so Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle each got their first tiara on their wedding day.

12. The Queen’s dogs are treated like royalty, but without having to follow any rules. They get personal chefs, first class seats, and can do whatever they want — including going wherever they want. 

13. Here’s how to interact with the queen: don’t turn your back to her, speak only when spoken to, don’t touch her, and don’t leave until she does. Just follow what the rest of the crowd is doing and you’ll be fine! 

14. Women must always have their legs together and their chin parallel to the ground. Royals don’t cross their legs at the top, but keep their thighs next to each other and cross their ankles instead. They must also master the duchess-chin-slant, as to not seem unsure but not cocky either. 

15. Her Majesty’s power doesn’t end at social gatherings — it continues on the road! The queen is allowed to drive without a license, although this only counts in the U.K. She doesn’t need any license plates or I.D. either.

16. The royal family may not sign any autographs! Giving away their autograph could allow someone to learn their signature and commit forgery. They probably won’t take a selfie with you either, as they like to use this time with the people to make a genuine connection.

17. The queen’s entourage must keep an eye on her purse at all times. This is not really to ensure it doesn’t get stolen, but to pick up cues on how she’s feeling. For example, when she puts her purse on her right arm, that means she’s ready for the current conversation she’s having to be over.

18. There are certain ways to greet the queen… by which even her own family must abide. Men of the Royal family perform a neck bow, while women curtsy. Imagine being asked to bow our curtsy for your own mother, wife, or grandma. A bit formal, isn’t it?

19. The Queen’s outfits must be bright or exuberant, so that she may be easy to spot. She likes to connect with the public, so even when crowds are out of control, people can say they saw the queen.

20. Royal women are not allowed to show cleavage. Diana was famous for disliking high necklines, so she always used her purse to cover herself when she was bent down or coming out of a car. Her designers actually began calling it a “cleavage clutch.” Meghan Markle is a former actress and model so she used to show off her bosom a bit more, but those days are behind her now.

21. The British are known for their love of tea and the Royals are no exception. In order to drink your tea like royalty, you must pinch the teacup handle with your index finger and thumb, while your middle finger secures the bottom.

22. Any royal offspring must seek approval of their ruling family member to marry the person they love. Will had to ask permission to wed Kate, and Harry had to convince her to let him make Meghan his wife. Even Charles had to ask permission to wed Diana. 

23. Once those weddings are approved, they must have a crop of children! Take a look at the guest list for a royal wedding and you’ll likely find that the kids outnumber the adults. When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wed, they continued a long tradition of having Windsors as pageboys and bridesmaids.

24. The queen must not be questioned. Whether she wants to have cookies for breakfast or dress up her husband Prince Philip as a Beefeater for a quick giggle, her wish comes above all else — aside from breaking the law of course.

It’s no wonder Meghan Markle is having a hard time adjusting to the life of a duchess: being royal changes everything in your life. Do you think it would still be worth it?

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