Over the last decade or so, social media has become the go-to source to enjoy pictures of our friends and family or to virtually get a glimpse of far-off places we may never end up visiting in person. Not that long ago, Facebook pages and LinkedIn chats didn’t even exist, but now even television commercials and outdoor billboards advertise these very popular sites.

Most people are familiar with their own country’s social media outlets, but rarely do they ever explore what’s available outside their nation. If they did, they would see that there are some pretty eccentric characters on the social scene!

Here are 18 truly bizarre photos that were found on various Russian social media sites. Get ready for weird, because there’s no short of it in these pictures!

1. It’s difficult to look appealing when you’re sitting on the bathroom floor next to a toilet bowl full of roses. Hopefully the person that those roses are meant for doesn’t mind that the stems are going to smell like a plunger.


2. Everyone’s favorite part of any birthday party is when it’s time to cut the cake. However, a chainsaw may be a little too extreme a utensil for the job when you’re only trying to cut through icing, no matter how exciting that idea may seem at the time.


3. The clothing this girl is wearing looks fine… it’s just the setting that needs more work for her next photo shoot. Hopefully she checked the area for glass shards and needles before she sprawled out like that. This picture is just… trashy.


4. Mmm, caviar and grain alcohol—the breakfast of champions! Well, more like the breakfast of someone who has the most unique diet in the entire world. If this guy gets a date via social media, he already knows what he’s making for dinner!


5. If there’s one thing that a person looks for in a friend, it’s their ability to consume liquids out of mason jars while sitting fully clothed in a drawn bath. At least, that appears to be what this Russian gentleman thinks. Hopefully whoever took the picture is laughing…


6. These three young chaps look like they just got back from quite an eventful night, and now they’re enjoying some late-night charcuterie and cheese. Although, the guy on the left looks thoroughly disappointed by the selection…


7. We’ve all seen the commercials with the talking M&Ms, but at least those guys look happy. These two characters, on the other hand, don’t seem nearly as likable, which is weird since they’re sitting in a playground presumably for the amusement of small children.


8. Apparently, it’s cool to look tough on social media. You need to let the world know that you mean business, and there’s no better way to do that than holding a firearm in a photo. Especially when it’s pointed at a five-inch trout you just caught on a peaceful fishing trip.


9. Whether or not you’re a musician, you have to hand it to these guys for their ingenuity. They could have just taken swigs straight from the bottle, but when there’s a spare musical instrument lying around, why not just get creative with it?


10. Getting a healthy serving of fruits every day is important for your overall well-being. However, if you’re eating an entire watermelon on a daily basis, you might be going a little overboard. Hopefully this girl has a group of friends to help her tackle her culinary challenge, and maybe they can teach her about forks and knives, too.


11. There’s no better way to impress all your friends on social media than with a half-empty bottle of liquor and one of the most unique sets of bangs the world has ever seen. It makes you wonder who this guy’s stylist is…


12. Stuffed animals tend to be popular in social media pictures. They’re cute, cuddly, and help send the message that you’re a fun person who likes to snuggle. But, when you add a 10-inch knife into the equation, the message conveyed is a bit different.


13. Hopefully, she washed the bottom of that sandal before she decided to shove it into her mouth and drink vodka out of it! These inventive women have found a whole new way to define the term “vodka shoeter.”


14. Some women like to wear swimsuits in their social media pictures, but they’re usually at a beach or in a pool. Very rarely are they spending time in a sidewalk puddle. Plus, it’s not even summer; look at the woman in the coat behind her!


15. Candles have a way of making any picture look more intimate and serene. That is, unless they’re giving the top of a toilet seat a warm glow. This woman needs to realize that bathrooms aren’t exactly the most romantic of settings…


16. If you’re someone who has participated in a wet T-shirt competition at some point, you know how popular they can be. There’s a reason people use water instead of any other liquid, though. This girl is going to be a sticky insect magnet after she finishes pouring that energy drink out!


17. This couple could probably benefit from a few fashion tips. For him, maybe wear a blazer that doesn’t have the Adidas logo and pinstripes down both arms. For her, it’s probably not the best idea to showcase her new roll of Charmin for the world to see.


18. Food always brings people together, but these three seem like the kind that you might be slightly hesitant about having a meal with. Unless, of course, if you’re into bathtub dinners, baby attire, and stuffing your face full of whole pickles. But, who isn’t, really?


It’s amazing that these people thought it was a really good idea to post these particular pictures of themselves. At least they don’t appear to feel ashamed about anything! You stay classy, Russia.

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