Even though most people would love to prove that aliens exist, it’s difficult for them to convince non-believers, especially when most alleged sightings are presented by seemingly unreliable sources. There are so many wild—and contradicting—conspiracies out there that we can’t help but doubt that extraterrestrial life is real.

For some, seeing is believing… which is exactly why some residents in Russia were completely stupefied by footage of a strange encounter in the night sky. Whether you’re a believer or not, you have to admit, this video is totally out of this world!

The majority of us have a difficult time believing in aliens and UFOs—unidentified flying objects—even if we want to believe. Conspiracy theories and wacky alien abduction stories only contribute to our skepticism.

And it certainly doesn’t help that most of the “evidence” is typically brought forward by unreliable sources. Most eye-witnesses can only produce grainy photographs and videos that can almost always be attributed to other things, like a cosmic event or an airplane.


So it’s only natural that there are so many skeptics who simply don’t believe that alien life exists. It’s not that these people don’t want to believe; it’s that there simply isn’t enough evidence to convince them!

Until someone can come forward and present us with factual proof that aliens exist—and have visited us in our lifetime—we’ll have a hard time buying into the tales of little green men with big black eyes zipping about in their strange flying saucers.


So it’s no surprise why believers in extraterrestrial life get excited whenever someone comes forward with new “evidence.” This just means they’re one step closer to having the proof that they need to convince their friends…

That is exactly why people were stunned over a video that recently surfaced from Russia. The footage captured what seemed like a diamond-shaped UFO completely swallowing another one altogether. It was like nothing seen before…

The mysterious video in question was filmed in the region of Yakutia—officially the Sakha Republic—in the far eastern side of Russia, and it depicted a fluorescent, diamond-shaped UFO seemingly appearing out of thin air…

The object continued to hover high above the trees for several seconds. While drones can fly, they don’t usually pull off maneuvers like this one did. The object also glowed a mysterious blue light. It had to be alien, right?

The video was filmed by an unknown man, though someone named Semyon posted it to YouTube. “An unidentified flying object was seen floating above houses,” he said while confirming the subject of the footage.

“It had many lights on and also a vapor trail,” Semyon continued. His confident description of the UFO was enough to send chills down anyone’s spine, even if they didn’t believe in aliens!

“At the end of a short video a diamond-shaped ‘window’ opens up above the flying object, which disappears into it,” Semyon continued. His description didn’t sound anything like a drone…

“There is no information about when and where it happened,” he added at the end of his description. That was unfortunate, because it made it more difficult to find other witnesses in the area who might have seen the UFO.

Still, in the video, you can easily see the larger diamond-shaped UFO almost attracting the smaller one to its light. Could these two objects have been working together to send some sort of message?

Luckily, whoever filmed the video was sure to keep a steady hand throughout the interaction between the two objects. The footage provided a crystal-clear look at the potential alien spacecraft.

Naturally, this video caused quite the stir with many people all across the globe. Believers hoped that the footage would convince the world that aliens do exist once and for all.

Meanwhile, non-believers were looking for any possible reason to debunk the contents of the video. How could this be real without any proof of its exact location, never mind other witnesses?


In the video, you could see the way the diamond-shaped UFO completely swallowed the other strange object with ease. It was a sight that some would say was—literally—out of this world.

Further cementing the skeptics’ argument was the fact that police in the Russian neighborhood received no calls about mysterious objects flying in the sky that night. Still, that didn’t make this evidence any less interesting.

Who knows? Maybe one day this would be regarded as the first alien encounter ever caught on camera! Check out the footage for yourself and see what you think. Is it a real UFO or something else entirely?

It’s impossible to tell whether or not that’s actually a UFO. However, that doesn’t make it any less exciting to think about. What do you think? Is this conclusive evidence of alien life—or just another hoax?

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