Even though most people would love to prove that aliens exist, it’s difficult to convince non-believers, especially when most alleged sightings are presented by seemingly unreliable sources.

So it goes without saying that, when it comes to UFOs, seeing is believing. Which is exactly why people were completely stupefied by this recent footage of a strange encounter in the Russian night sky…

Whether you’re a believer or not, you have to admit, this video is totally out of this world!

The majority of the world’s population has a difficult time believing in aliens and UFOs, even if they want to believe. This is likely because “evidence” is typically brought forward by unreliable sources, with grainy photographs and videos that don’t necessarily add up.


It’s unfortunate, though understandable, that there are so many skeptics who walk among us. Until someone can come forward and present us with factual proof that aliens can and do exist, we’ll have a hard time buying into the tales of little green men with big black eyes zipping about in their strange flying saucers.


That said, it’s no surprise why believers in extraterrestrial life get excited whenever someone comes forward with new “evidence.” That’s exactly why people are freaking out over a video that recently surfaced of a diamond-shaped UFO completely swallowing another one altogether…

The mysterious video in question was recently filmed in Yakutia, Russia, and it depicts a fluorescent, diamond-shaped UFO seemingly appearing out of thin air. The object continues to hover high above trees for several seconds.

The video was filmed by an unknown man, though someone named Semyon posted it to YouTube. “An unidentified flying object was seen floating above houses. It had many lights on and also a vapor trail,” he said in an interview about the footage.

“At the end of a short video a diamond-shaped ‘window’ opens up above the flying object, which disappears into it,” Semyon continued. “There is no information about when and where it happened.”

You can easily see the larger diamond-shaped UFO above seemingly attracting the smaller one to its light. Luckily, whoever filmed the video was sure to keep a steady hand throughout the interaction between the two objects.

For obvious reasons, this video has caused a stir with many people all across the globe. Non-believers are looking for any possible reason to debunk it immediately, while believers are hoping that it will prove the right, once and for all.

Nevertheless, continuing the conversation about whether extraterrestrials exist or not is important. See the way the diamond-shaped UFO completely swallows the other one with ease? This is just completely out of this world…

It’s been reported that police in the Russian neighborhood received no calls about mysterious objects flying in the sky that night, but that doesn’t make this evidence any less convincing. Who knows? Maybe one day this will be regarded as the first alien encounter ever caught on video!


It’s impossible to tell whether or not that’s actually a UFO, however, that doesn’t make it any less exciting to think about. What do you think? Is this conclusive evidence of alien life—or just another hoax?

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