If you’ve ever suspected that your significant other was cheating on you, you might deal with a flurry of emotions. Of course, you’re hurt and upset, but often you’re also angry and want to lash out at them. However, it’s usually best to talk things through before doing anything you might regret.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the route that everyone takes when it comes to handling a cheating partner. Sometimes people think that it’s better to get even—but there’s no guarantee that plan won’t backfire. Just take what happened when one woman in China thought her partner was acting suspicious…

A Chinese woman named Li Tan became concerned when her boyfriend, De Wu, began spending extended periods of time away from home. When she questioned him about it, he was evasive. Li feared the worst: her boyfriend has cheating on her.

She was convinced he was being unfaithful, and she grew more and more angry about the possibility. Her friends tried to calm her down, suggesting there might be a good reason for his behavior, but Li wasn’t having any of it. That’s when she decided to get revenge…

Li bought several boxes of sanitary napkins—and then she proceeded to unwrap and stick every single one of them to De’s rental car. Her goal? To publicly humiliate him, of course!

The car was parked on a busy street and passersby couldn’t believe what they were seeing. In all, Li put more than thirty pads on the car and shared photos of her handiwork online. When De finally came home, he couldn’t believe his eyes…


Li confronted him about his “affair,” and he was forced to confess something—but it wasn’t what she thought! He’d actually been planning a surprise birthday party for her all along, and he had the receipts and reservations to prove it. Whoops…

Thankfully, Li sheepishly apologized and the couple made up, but not every story like this turns out so well. When this man found out his girlfriend was unfaithful, for instance, he pulled out all the stops…

This cheating husband didn’t just get publicly called out by his wife; he got publicly cleaned out! Wonder how long it took before he noticed this little message waiting for him on his truck?

After this guy found out that his one night stand already had a boyfriend, he thought it was only proper to let the gentleman know privately. So he taped the message to the toilet seat. That’s one way of doing it!

It might seem a little old-fashioned to take out an ad in the paper congratulating someone on a new baby. But when you realize the message is coming from a very peeved spouse, it takes on a whole new tone!

Some women discover their partner is cheating and destroy his car. This woman didn’t want to give him that satisfaction, so she just made his car very, very difficult to get into. He’s going to have a long time to think about what he’s done as he’s unwrapping his ride.

They say that being cheated on is one of the worst feelings in the world. This wife wasn’t going to sit in her misery alone, so she decided to buy a banner to let the world know what a slimeball her husband was… while simultaneously showing appreciation for her community.

When this woman found out her boyfriend of seven years was having an affair, she broke his car window and, well… let’s just say she gave him some of the literal poop he’d been selling her! What do you even do with that?

Sure, you could spray-paint a car to get revenge on a lover. You could write them a very mean note and tuck it in their windshield. Or, you could really commit and stab up their favorite ride with pick-axes.

This woman didn’t waste any time putting her cheating ex’s property on the curb. In fact, she made suck a stink about the whole thing that the local police were called to make sure she was okay!

While other wronged people are more than happy to exact revenge and move on, this woman wanted revenge and to keep her relationship. She decided this was the best form of compromise. Hopefully he won’t be doing her wrong ever again!

If you’re going to cheat on your wife, you’d better not also happen to own a Porsche; chances are this car is going to be the obvious target for revenge. Lock it up or try staying faithful next time, buddy!

This woman discovered that her boyfriend only loved two things: cheating on her and playing tons of video games. Since none of the women he cheated with happened to be around, she settled for drowning his gaming console.

When someone cheats on you and you decide to get revenge—and you also happen to have access to serious construction equipment—you may wind up filling up a truck full of dirt! Don’t make this ex mad.

This couple might look happy, but this is actually the photo that the husband posted… when he announced that he was selling his cheating wife on eBay! The listing wasn’t up for long, but that’s okay; he definitely made his point.

Sometimes a greeting card is the best way to express a tough emotion. This dude found out his girlfriend was straying and decided to end things. Thankfully, he bought the perfect card for the occasion.

It just goes to show that in a relationship, it’s always better to try to talk things out before resorting to hasty—and public—forms of punishment!

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