The world is full of manmade marvels in engineering. Just take a trip to any city or landmark and you’ll spy lots of unique architecture that are as fascinating as they are impressive.

One of most impressive, and frankly bizarre, of these is the Sathorn Unique Tower in Bangkok, Thailand. This massive 49-story unfinished skyscraper ominously looms over the city, and its intricate design is impossible not to gawk at.

But, the sordid history of this epic creation is what’s most fascinating of all…

In any city, you can find architectural marvels that leave you in awe. It’s always mind-blowing to think that a group of people can come together to create such incredible designs. The Sathorn Unique Tower in Bangkok, Thailand, is certainly one of these mesmerizing creations, but it’s the building’s mysterious past that makes it even more fascinating than you could imagine…


In 1990, Bangkok had encountered a serious overcrowding problem, and the government knew it needed to find some sort of a solution quickly. So it decided to build an enormous condominium complex capable of housing hundreds of civilians.


The project began in 1990 and was primarily financed by the Sathorn Unique Co. Ltd. and the Thai Mex Finance and Securities Company. Construction started on time and was moving along at a great pace. But suddenly, in 1993, everything came to a screeching halt for an unbelievable—and scandalous—reason.


Rangsan Torsuwan, the real estate developer and designer of the building, was arrested for allegedly plotting the murder of the president of the Supreme Court of Thailand. Luckily, the murder never occurred, but the case did drag on for 15 years. This had a serious impact on the building itself, and it started to gain an eerie reputation…

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The case completely destroyed any chance of work being resumed on the building. Rangsan Torsuwan’s reputation as a businessman and developer was ruined, and because of that, it was impossible to find funding for the completion of the project. The building stood unfinished, and it became a haunting reminder of the troubles its construction faced from the start.


While it is now certainly rundown—it is largely overgrown with weeds and brush—the building itself is still an architectural marvel and an impressive sight to behold. The structure occupies 34,000 square feet with 49 floors and two underground levels. It also features a 10-story garage next to the base of the tower.


While this building is certainly one-of-a-kind, it’s not alone. The Sathorn Unique Tower’s sister structure, called the State Tower, was also designed by Rangsan Torsuwan. His designs are known to feature neo-Grecian elements, especially when it comes to the balconies and columns.

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This is the view from one of the top floors of the Sathorn Unique Tower. The scenery is breathtaking. You can watch the entire city of Bangkok operating hundreds of feet below. It almost feels like you’re part of a different world when you’re so far away from the city’s chaos.


The basic structure of the building is complete, though it’s disturbing to see that it was destroyed by the ravages of time. The interior work was never finished after construction first came to a halt. There are many stairwells and walls that are missing throughout, too.


Some of the top floors were never completed, either. All that stand today are broken columns and ground covered in scrap wood and various other building materials. Occasionally, underground parties have been illegally thrown there, and it has been said that city gangs would use some of the rooms as meeting places.


With such an intriguing and mysterious history behind it, this place has become a mecca for urban explorers. The tower is officially off-limits to the public, but it’s rumored that there are still ways to get inside and explore.


The Sathorn Unique Tower will most likely remain a skeletal structure for many years to come. Sadly, there’s no sign that anyone wants to invest the time or the money to get it back up and running. Even though it may never function as an actual condominium complex, it still gives tourists and civilians alike a reason to visit.


Although they tend to look lonely and barren, abandoned buildings seem to possess a certain beauty. The Sathorn Unique Tower may never be completed, but it still remains an architectural work of art—and it will remain that way for many years to come!

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