The first home a newlywed couple buys is a true rite of passage. After all, it represents the beginning of their lives together and the literal foundation on which they can build their future. (Besides, who doesn’t look forward to officially shacking up with the person they’re shacking up with?)

But not every couple has the same hopes and dreams—and certainly not all houses are created equal. They can come in all different shapes and sizes… and some even have wheels.

Instead of buying a fixer-upper for their first home together, one New England couple they did something brilliant. They saw a school bus for sale on the side of the road and, after looking it over, they had a crazy idea…

When a young couple from New England spotted this 1984 bluebird school bus, it was headed for the junk heap.


But where most people would see trash, they saw treasure—and paid for the bus in cash.


Their first order of business was to rip out those ratty seats!


It wasn’t an easy task, but with the help of some power tools, they got it done.


The seats may have been gone, but they’d only just begun gutting the bus…


The couple used a crow bar to pull up the faux wood paneling.


It was so satisfying to see the place completely stripped.


With the old floor out, it was time to lay down the new floor!


The finished and polished floor was stunning all by itself.


All of the lumber used for the project was salvaged and repurposed.


The couple then outfitted the bus with built-in shelving. They also got to work on the seating.


Slowly, but surely, the revamped bus began to take shape.


A portion of the rear of the bus was sectioned off for the bedroom area.


A chevron print made the dining area really pop!


Can you believe this spacious living area was once part of such a narrow school bus?


This copper piping made for a unique touch in the kitchen.


The couple even constructed a discreet and minimalist-style bathroom!


How would you like to live here?


The couple kept the bus’s original white color, but replaced the blue sticker with a strip of copper.


Perhaps the coolest feature was the solar panel on the roof to power the bus. How eco-friendly!


The couple also outfitted a bike holder on the back on the bus to give them even more room inside.


The young couple plans to drive their new home-on-wheels across the country from the east coast to the west coast. They’ll certainly have some truly amazing adventures along the way! How about that for a first home?

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