We’ve all been to parks and zoos where signs are prominently posted warning: “Don’t feed the animals.” It’s a pretty straightforward, common-sense rule, and the majority of the time people have no trouble following it.

Every now and then, though, people get tempted to feed wild animals even when they know they shouldn’t. Sometimes it turns out okay, and sometimes they learn the hard way why such rules exists!

There may not have been a sign posted on the beach warning this young lady not to feed the seagulls, but she probably wishes there would have been. After she gave them some scraps from her lunch, these birds wanted more and let her know in a positively Hitchcockian way!

This girl was having a pleasant day at the beach when she decided it would be nice to give the seagulls some of the scraps from her lunch.


The birds were appreciative, but they assumed that she had more food — and wanted it. They began to swarm around her…


So she ran; she ran so far away…


…but these angry birds weren’t going to let it end that simply!

Wow, remind me never to mess with a flock of seagulls, unless it’s the beloved ’80s one-hit wonder, of course! This looks terrifying!

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