Each piece of jewelry tells a unique story. Everything from when and where the gemstone came from, to who made the item, to the reason and person for whom it was purchased all contribute to a singular backstory that makes jewelry different from other items you might own.

There are some pieces, though, that by their very design have much more of a story to them than you probably ever imagined was possible!

At first glance, these rings might appear to be run-of-the-mill accessories. Once you look a little more closely at their “gemstones,” however, an entire world begins to open up… and you’ll hardly believe what you’re seeing is actually just a piece of jewelry!

These rings from Canadian jewelry store Secret Wood contain an entire miniature world.


The one-of-a-kind pieces feature finely detailed tiny landscapes encased in a beautifully cut “gemstone.” 


Generally, the rings are made of wood, resin, and beeswax.


Each landscape is uniquely and highly detailed…


…And captures scenery ranging from the depths of the ocean to snow-capped mountains!


The rings are meticulously detailed enough to even encompass an entire shadowy cityscape…


…Or to enshrine delicate, gorgeous flowers!


This one would be like wearing a miniature snow globe!


The detail on each piece is just extraordinary…


…and each custom ring can be crafted and ready in 4-5 weeks!


You can see more of the rings here. These would make amazing and unique gifts!

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