Amazing things have been found underground. From dinosaur bones to gorgeous caverns, there is a lot of history that is buried beneath our feet just waiting to be unearthed. Sometimes, it can even be right in our own back yard.

A mysterious rabbit hole was discovered on a farmer’s property in Shropshire, England. When he decided to explore it, he quickly realized he’d stumbled across a historical treasure trove…

The stunning images of what the farmer found in his rabbit hole will mesmerize you…

A mysterious rabbit hole in Shropshire, England was discovered in the ground behind a local farmer’s home. It looked unremarkable, but the farmer had a feeling about it and wanted to explore further…

hole 1Michael Scott / Cater News

When the farmer peered into the opening, his jaw dropped.

hole 3Michael Scott / Cater News

The farmer had stumbled across a historically monumental find.

hole 2Michael Scott / Cater News

This was an old temple that was constructed 700 years ago!

hole 4Michael Scott / Cater News

But, that wasn’t even the most amazing fact about this temple…hole 10Michael Scott / Cater News

Long ago, the halls were occupied by members of the Knights Templar, a medieval religious order that took part in the Crusades!

hole 7Michael Scott / Cater News

This was incredible! A true hands-on lesson in history!

hole 6Michael Scott / Cater News

The cave was lined with candles to increase visibility. The ceiling wasn’t very tall, but everything inside was in immaculate condition.

hole 9Michael Scott / Cater News

And to think, this tiny exit was the only way in or out of this marvel.

hole 8Michael Scott / Cater News

These pictures are great, but the footage from inside this maze will astound you!

To think that this farmer was sitting on top of this temple all along is unbelievable! He sure won’t ignore the next rabbit hole he finds!

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