Many parents and teachers try to instill in their children a sunny, friendly view of the world. After all, we don’t want them living in fear—kids get scared easily enough as it is!

These days, however, we teach kids at a very young age to be cautious of strangers. While most strangers aren’t inherently bad people, the fact remains that there are some awful people out there that do mean to harm kids.

That lesson certainly paid off for the Wright siblings. When a stranger tried to do something terrible to 22-month-old Owen, he didn’t count on 8-year-old Delicia and 10-year-old Brendan’s quick thinking!

Brendan Wright, 10, and his sister, Delicia, 8, were playing in the park with their 22-month-old brother, Owen.


Suddenly, a stranger grabbed little Owen and ran away with him!


Yet he didn’t anticipate what the baby’s siblings would do in response.

Thanks to his big brother and sister’s quick thinking, Owen is now healthy and safe with his family. It’s so great that he has such caring, clever, and brave siblings!

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