Having goals is an important part of living an accomplished life. It gives you something to work toward and better yourself, rather than plateauing and risking feeling unfulfilled.

If hard pressed, most people would admit that deep down they have a list of goals they would like to accomplish in their lifetime. Whether they’re monumental or smaller and more practical, the importance of each goal matters to that specific person.

Josh, an 18-year-old from Allen, Texas, has a little sister named Jesse who clearly knows what she wants out of life. When he found her bucket list in their home recently, he couldn’t believe some of the things she wanted to accomplish…

Eighteen-year-old Josh recently found a note sitting on his family’s kitchen counter. When he went to read it, he realized the note was written by his 11-year-old sister Jesse, and it wasn’t a note after all —  it was her bucket list…


In case you’re unable to read Jesse’s handwriting, the list appears below…


Josh was admittedly perplexed when he stumbled upon it.


After Josh posted the photograph of Jesse’s bucket list to Twitter, it wasn’t long before people from all walks of the internet were commenting on the strange nature of her goals.


Some users wanted to know if there was something Jesse knew that they didn’t…


Other users found Jesse’s goals all too relatable…


Mostly, people were astounded with Jesse’s broad range of goals. This girl wants to do everything!


Jesse’s obvious misspellings charmed internet users to no end…


People couldn’t help but wonder what the blank space in number 10 could possibly be. It even lead to an existential crisis for Josh.



One of Josh’s followers admired Jesse’s undeniable ambition.


It even looks like Taco Bell might help Jesse achieve her goals! It never hurts to get corporate sponsors…


In the end, it appeared as if Jesse was already starting to grab the bull by the horns…


What an incredible little kid. Knowing what you want out of life is half the battle.

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