When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, the devastation was serious and widespread. Although the parishes worked together to try and save their city, when the levees broke the rapidly rising waters drove families from their homes. Those who could not escape the water and lost their lives are still remembered by those who survive them.

Even now, almost 12 years later, New Orleans is still dealing with damage caused by the storm. While the city will never be the same as it was before Katrina, it is certainly bouncing back. However, it feels to residents like some parts of the city will never reemerge from the darkness of the storm.

Hurricane Katrina, left no corner of the city of New Orleans unscathed. It even managed to flood the local Six Flags Amusement Park, transforming it into a murky and dangerous lake. The park and its rides are still abandoned today. Who knows what terrible secrets the former park holds…

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Six Flags Amusement Park located in the heart of New Orleans was abandoned by its parent company. The entire park flooded and the cost of draining this terrible lake and repairing the park was too daunting to be considered. 


The park itself makes a massive footprint on the land, taking up 566,560 square feet of land. It was known for its impressive collection of roller coasters, which attracted thrill seekers from all over the country eager to sample what the rides had to offer. flooded-roler-coaster-640x480Wikipedia

The Six Flags Entertainment Corporation had owned the park beginning in 2002, but when they tried to terminate their 75-year lease of the land from the city due to the high cost of repair they were rebuffed. Six Flags promised that they would repair the park after the storm, and the people waited eagerly to see if it would happen.closed-for-stormWikipedia

Sadly, the company never followed through on its plans. However, that doesn’t mean the abandoned park was forgotten. Even today, the company still has strict 24-hour-surveillance on the park and they harshly punish anyone who tries to trespass on the land.the-inevitable-part-of-every-abandoned-site-graffiti-640x480Wikipedia

Before Six Flags bought the park, it was called “Jazzland”. When Six Flags bought the park they upgraded the rides, which included bringing in Batman The Ride to attract new clientele. batman-the-ride-640x480Wikipedia

The photos you see of the abandoned park all come from urban explorers who were lucky enough not to get caught! Although the park was outfitted with drainage systems, they failed during the massive storm. The combination of rain water and rising ocean levels caused a massive storm surge that left the park totally submerged in almost seven feet of water.

the-aftermath-of-the-katrina-hurricaneFlickr/Nathan Hoang

Six Flags finally decided that the damage was too great to ever reopen the park. They released a report that showed 80% of the park had been completely destroyed. The park had no way of bouncing back. Six Flags says that the damages to the park cost upwards to $32.5 million. 


The location of the park was never ideal to begin with. It was located in East New Orleans, a fair distance away from the parts of town that attracted tourists. It never earned the amount of money Six Flags hoped that it would earn selling season passes to locals, either. six-flags-new-orleans-abandoned-640x493Wikipedia

Strangely, the park is still used, just not by patrons looking to go on roller coaster rides. Several big budget Hollywood films set in post-apocalyptic America have found it to the be the perfect shooting location. Keep your eyes peeled for the park the next time you go to the movies!six-flags-new-orleans-2004-640x480Wikipedia

Below you will see a photograph from the making of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. The park was also used to shoot films such as Killer Joe and Stolen. By shooting in the city, Hollywood is able to help New Orleans rebuild in its own small way. during-the-filming-of-the-2013-release-feature-percy-jackson-sea-of-monsters-640x403Wikipedia

When movies aren’t being shot at the park, it remains empty and an eerie sight. It is a dangerous playground for urban explorers who love to visit the park and take photographs of what they find inside. Local graffiti artists also love to leave their mark on its walls. six_flags_nola_01Wikipedia

An amusement park should be a place that makes you smile. It should be an escape from the rigors of the daily grind, a place where both children and adults alike can find time to laugh and relax. This amusement park only holds memories of those happy times. 


When you look at an amusement park it should bring a smile to your face, not make you feel sad or nervous. Sadly, that is all this amusement park does now. There is something so unspeakably haunting about the nature of its decay. Cool-Zone-abandoned-Six-Flags-New-OrleansWikipedia

Still, when the light hits the abandoned park in just the right way you can get a sense of just how magical it once was and could be again if the right person came along with the resources to restore this abandoned amusement park to its former glory. 2011-Main-Entrance-of-abandoned-Six-Flags-New-OrleansWikipedia

It would take a lot of work to make that happen,  but the park seems to be begging for attention. Look at how this roller coaster car is still submerged beneath the flood waters. It is covered by algae. It is not hard to imagine it vanishing completely as nature continues to take back the land. 6 Flags NolaWikipedia

There is no denying just how captivating this abandoned amusement park is to behold. It’s no wonder so many people try to sneak in to get a look for themselves. To get an even more in-depth look inside of this abandoned and damaged amusement park, check out the video below…

There is something just so eerie about an abandoned amusement park. Here’s hoping that someone with the resources to do it buys this park and brings it back to life again.

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