Anyone who’s ever been to Halloween party knows that some costumes are better than others. There’s the guy with the store-bought Mario costume and then there’s the one who hand-made a Transformer from scratch. But this thing puts all of them to shame.

Because Dynastor darius darius is a mind-bending master of disguise.

This is the dynastor darius darius. It looks like a snake… but it’s definitely not.


It’s actually a caterpillar.


You’re telling me that’s a caterpillar?!


Yes! A native of Trinidad, this bizarre creature takes on a distinctive looks while in the pupal stage. In order to protect its cocoon from predators, it makes itself look like a fearsome predator.


Specifically, it camouflages itself as a pit viper. Now that’s a costume!


For a period of 13 days, the caterpillar uses this outfit to protect itself while it goes through the amazing change into a butterfly.


What’s more, the pupa can still sense movement and threats while in this stage. When this happens, it waves wildly back and forth, creating the impression that this “snake” is alive.


Nature, you crazy.


Source: Nerdist

The caterpillar will eventually emerge as a brown butterfly with white spots across its wings. But none of it would be possible if not for some pretty amazing camouflage!

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