Mothers have an innate urge to defend their young. They care for their offspring for a long period of time, and that creates a bond between the two that will remain strong forever. In the wild, children are generally their mother’s number one priority.

If you make the mistake of attempting to disrupt a mother’s care for her kids, you better be sure there will be consequences. One snake handler found this out the hard way…

As the handler attempted to grab the eggs out from underneath an enormous mother snake, he quickly realized she was not pleased.

One snake handler learned through experience the dangers of toying with a mother’s offspring.

snake 1

The man needed to get the eggs out from underneath the mother. It was a dangerous task, so he knew he needed to be quick and efficient. He slowly started to maneuver the mother’s body to the side…

snake 3

Suddenly, the mother realized his game plan and reacted. How would the snake handler fare after disturbing her babies?

snake 4

Watch the video below to see what she does next!

This handler better think twice next time before he approaches her babies. He could’ve gotten quite the bite!

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