Though they might sometimes be the source of great frustration, there’s no one closer to us in life than our siblings. Having grown up together, you’re bound by blood—and a treasure trove of embarrassing memories.

For three long years, Elizabeth Rader spent her day-to-day missing her brother, Shane, who was a soldier stationed in Italy. Then one day, she heard the dog start barking at something in the yard of their Gilbert, Arizona home.

Before she knew it, a stunning realization dawned on her… and her reaction was priceless.

When Shane Rader, a soldier who’d been stationed in Italy for three years, decided to surprise his sister, Elizabeth, he made sure she had no idea he was coming home.


The look on her face when he tapped her shoulder was priceless…


But the sweetest part is what she does after that…

What a genuine reaction! There’s nothing like being reunited with a sibling you’re close to. Way to really pull off that surprise, Shane!

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