Marty Camacho and Erica Cook were expecting a pleasant day outside when they loaded some towels and their 2-year-old pit bull Soraya in the car. They were headed to Lake Ontario’s Durand Eastman beach, where Soraya would be able to swim and relax along with them.

At first, everything seemed normal, and the couple and their dog were having a great time. However, all of a sudden Soraya became ill and slipped into a coma. Unsure of what was happening to their poor girl, the couple rushed Soraya to the vet…

This past summer, Rochester, New York couple Marty Camacho and Erica Cook took their 2-year-old pit bull Soraya to the Durand Eastman beach on Lake Ontario, where dogs are allowed to swim.

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While they were there, Soraya splashed around in the water and seemed to be having a good time when suddenly, she became ill and slipped into a coma in Erica’s arms.

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Marty and Erica rushed Soraya to the vet, where she was placed on life support but died soon after. When the couple explained the events of the day, the vet didn’t seem surprised and offered them a shocking reason Soraya may have become sick…

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The vet’s theory is that the pit bull accidentally ingested toxic blue-green algae that is very common in the ponds and smaller bodies of water that surround the lake.

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Unfortunately, there are many areas where these smaller bodies of water run off into the bigger lake, and while there shouldn’t be a high enough amount of the toxic algae in the lake water to cause harm, in this case it seems that Soraya was exposed to just enough.

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Now Marty and Erica are leading the call for public authorities to submit Lake Ontario and the surrounding bodies of water to more regular testing for toxic algae blooms so no other dogs have to suffer the same fate that Soraya did.

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What a freak occurrence! Hopefully, Marty’s and Erica’s efforts lead to some improvements that will keep other dogs safe.

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