People make unique discoveries on the beach all the time. From children plucking colorful seashells from the sand to metal detector-adorned adults stumbling upon the occasional buried treasure, the beach is full of mystery, history, and wonder.

While beachgoers may find it commonplace to uncover rare and valuable items, every now and then they discover something unusual that they can’t explain.

One man on a beach in Mexico was startled when he came across something that was so strange and so one-of-a-kind, that it seemed entirely out of this world. And technically, it was…

Many flock to the beach every year anticipating the discovery of buried or lost treasure. Sometimes, though, they find something even more unusual. Such was the case for Reddit user newroot when he stumbled upon this strange piece of metal that had washed up on a beach in Mexico.

1-space-shuttle-debrisgeek prime

It definitely appeared to be some sort of panel from an aircraft or something of that nature, though he wasn’t totally sure. His first task was to attempt to decipher the meaning behind the words inscribed on the panel that read: “Sylda Antenna.”

2-space-shuttle-debrisgeek prime

Newroot also noted that there appeared to be numerous strange scratches all over the panel. He couldn’t help but wonder if something had happened to an aircraft or if an animal had possibly gotten hold of it at some point. It was mystifying. What the heck happened to this thing?

3-space-shuttle-debrisgeek prime

Unfortunately, without any context as to what the panel was or to whom it belonged, he couldn’t answer many of his own questions. He felt compelled to know why this object would wash up on the beach in the first place. It seemed like such a strange spot for it to surface!

4-space-shuttle-debrisgeek prime

He snapped several photographs of his find so he could post it online with the hopes that other people might be able to help him identify where it came from. From this angle, you can see a series of wires and other electronic material hanging from the underside of the panel.

5-space-shuttle-debrisgeek prime

Wanting to learn as much as he possibly could about the mysterious panel that he discovered on the beach, Newroot figured it would be safe enough for him to take a closer look. It didn’t appear as if any of the tubing or wiring was connected to anything, so the chance of electric shock was unlikely.

6-space-shuttle-debrisgeek prime

While he was unsure about what exactly the panel was, one thing was certain: he could clearly see the word “space” printed in large block letters. This led him to believe that it had previously belonged to a spacecraft.

7-space-shuttle-debrisgeek prime

There were a number of other indicators that hinted that this panel once belonged to a spacecraft. For instance, Newroot noticed heavy insulation attached to the inside of the panel. He believed he might be onto something…

8-space-shuttle-debrisgeek prime

This certainly seemed like it was the sort of lining that would be necessary for enduring decreasing temperatures when traveling deep into space. The insulation was thick and unlike the kind you’d normally find in the walls of someone’s home.

9-space-shuttle-debrisgeek prime

That’s when Newroot decided to utilize the Reddit community to help him solve the mystery surrounding the panel. After launching an in-depth investigation—and with the knowledge of some other Reddit users—he finally found the answer to his question!

10-space-shuttle-debrisgeek prime

It turned out that the panel was, indeed, from outer space! Not only was the Reddit community able to determine that it was a piece of the exterior shell of a space shuttle, but they were able to figure out which specific rocket it came from.

11-space-shuttle-debrisgeek prime

Furthermore, they determined that the panel belonged to Arianespace, a space launch company that’s headquartered in Paris. Since the company conducts its launches in South America (as well as Central Asia), it makes sense why the panel would have washed ashore in Mexico.

12-space-shuttle-debrisGeek Prime

While Newroot’s mystery was explained, some beach finds remain a mystery. It’s relatively common for odd things to wash ashore these days—like this random sighting by Paul Jones in England, for instance, which appeared to be the rotting corpse of something that wasn’t a fish, but not quite human either…


At first glance, Paul could only assume that the had stumbled upon the remains of a mermaid. Since the myth and folklore surrounding these creatures dates back so far, he figured it would be best to investigate for himself.

It was clear from the start that whatever it was that Paul had found, it wasn’t just the carcass of a dead sea creature. It had the shape of a human body, though, it lacked distinguishing legs. This is why he believed that it could be a mermaid.


When Paul reported what he’d found online, people immediately became suspicious. Mermaids don’t really exist, do they? Well, that’s an entirely different story altogether! Read about Paul’s entire mystifying experience here


Wow! Strange things really do wash up on the beach. It really makes you wonder how they got to their final destination.

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