Spaghetti Ice Cream May Sound Strange, But It’s The Perfect Treat To Beat The Summer Heat

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Spaghetti might be one of the greatest comfort foods ever invented by humans. The classic combination of pasta with a rich red sauce is simple, yet scrumptious nearly every time. It never gets old.

Sometimes it seems like the only thing that can make it better is by following it up with a trip down to the local ice cream shop for dessert. Thankfully, you can now enjoy both comfort foods at once—and it’s delicious.

That’s right: spaghetti ice cream is a thing. While it may sound gross at first, it’s actually pretty amazing, and it’s totally easy to make!

Everybody loves spaghetti, and everybody loves ice cream. That’s precisely why this dessert is so brilliant.


With some vanilla ice cream and a potato ricer…


Plus a sweet strawberry sauce…


…You can have the best of both worlds for dessert!

(Video may take a moment to load.)

Is this the greatest thing ever or what? You know what’s on the menu tonight!

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