When a person you love regularly engages in an activity or habit that puts their life at risk, helping them get back on track can feel like a hopeless task. However, that doesn’t stop friends and family from trying. When it comes to someone you care about, it’s worth it.

That’s why some people in Belgium had to take drastic measures… and some might consider it a little too drastic. They teamed up with other families to reach their loved ones in a truly shocking way, but did it have the impact they were hoping for?

Recently in Belgium, five strangers were asked by their friends to meet at a designated place. Little did they know that they’d be walking into a room full of funeral mourners…

The five strangers—Kim, Mélanie, Grégory, Olivier, and Brice—had been told that they’d be joining up with their respective friends, but that was just a cover. There was a good reason why they all needed to meet each other, and it would leave them in tears.

Using a hidden camera, the five strangers were filmed arriving at a secret location. Each of them thought that their friends were waiting at this address. They were, but not for the reason they believed…

Upon arriving at their destination, each person was forced to confront a pretty awkward scene. They had no idea that they each shared a secret that had brought them together—and their discomfort was just beginning.

What was supposed to be a fun social outing turned into a unexpected funeral, complete with a casket. Each of the five people who arrived were quickly ushered into a row before they could even ask any questions.

At first, each new arrival was beyond baffled as they looked around the room made up of a strangers. However, it didn’t take too long for all of the pieces to come together in the worst possible way…

The officiant began to speak of the departed: “She had barely started her life on Earth. Death may be difficult to accept, but it’s a part of life after all. Let’s take a moment to reflect on this.” He asked some people in the crowd to come forward…

That was when Mélanie noticed something: someone she knew was among those who were approaching the front of the room. Was this a funeral for a family friend? Why hadn’t she heard about it until now?

The person she knew was, in fact, Mélanie’s own father. When he reached the podium, he began to speak, and it wasn’t long before Mélanie was in tears. She was completely floored by his words…

Her father was telling a story about the phone ringing late at night. He expected it to be his daughter, Mélanie, but instead of her voice on the other end, he got the call that every parent dreads: it was a police officer, and his little girl was gone.

Mélanie finally realized the awful truth: she had been invited to her own funeral, and all of these people were gathered to make her and her fellow attendees realize something about how they were living their lives…

Mélanie was moved to painful sobs at her father’s words. It was no different for any of the other strangers. They were all attended their own funerals, and they watched as their loved ones stood up to give touching speeches.

Each person who was tricked into attending their own mock funeral had one thing in common: they all dangerously sped while they were driving. Their families believed that if they didn’t intervene, they would eventually be planning their real funerals.

Brice fought back tears as his mother and his sister got up to speak about what losing him was like. “You fooled around on the road again and it was one time too many,” they said. It was almost more than Brice could take…

Brice managed to stay composed throughout this difficult speech. But he lost it completely when his mom looked straight at him and said: “Please listen to me. Slow down. Don’t leave me, son. I love you.”

The speeches weren’t over. Next, Kim’s family and friends spoke up about her dangerous speeding. “Kim, this time I can still ask you,” said her sister. “Please be careful while you are driving. I don’t want to lose you.”

A video that documented these shocking confrontations quickly went viral. Eventually it was revealed that it was the product of a Belgian ad agency tasked with the important job of educating the public of just how dangerous speeding really is.

The project’s slogan was fitting: “Went too fast, gone too soon.” Before long, it was reaching people not just in Belgium, but all over the world. It was a powerful message, and clearly it hit home for many people.

This video, originally released in 2014, is still racking up views to this day. Its message is a serious one that resonates with many people who fear for the lives of their loved ones.

Some critics think that the video went too far to try and shock people into changing. However, others believe that it did exactly what it needed to do: scaring speedy drivers into taking the open road more seriously. Watch for yourself and see what you think!

There’s no denying that this video is shocking, but sometimes that’s what it takes to make a real change. Do you think it would have the intended effect, or would it fall on deaf ears?

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