Many people have used the internet as an excuse to do some pretty crazy things. Sometimes, all it takes is the promise of popularity or notoriety for people to do things that they would not otherwise do.

That’s exactly what happened to this man who found a mysterious hole in his backyard. He said if he got enough votes he would stick his finger inside of it—but he soon realized that was a huge mistake!

A man found a huge web covering a sizable hole in his backyard.

1-finger-in-holeOregon Live

After posting the story online, he said that he would stick his finger inside of the hole if he got enough votes.

2-finger-in-holeImgur / Poopstachemcfartnugget

As with anything related to the internet, curiosity got the better of people—and the man got the votes he was looking for.

3-finger-in-holeImgur / PoopstacheMcfartnugget

As it turned out, there was a funnel-web spider inside of the hole.


These kinds of spiders aren’t always venomous, but those that are can be dangerous to humans.

5-finger-in-holeDaily Nova

Funnel-web spiders trap their prey by webbing up the holes where they live.

6-finger-in-holeTech Times

Luckily, the man was okay, but hopefully he learned a valuable lesson about the dangers of taking risks like that. Getting bitten by a spider won’t turn you into Spider-Man—they’re dangerous!

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