When we think of spiders, we tend to think of them weaving complex webs in advantageous places and waiting patiently for their prey to stumble into their trap. It’s this lack of active aggression that makes arachnids just a little bit less terrifying.

But not all spiders are so passive. Many have advanced hunting skills and abilities that allow them to go on the offensive, and it’s pretty scary.

Have you ever seen a spider do anything like this?

That’s some impressive tracking ability. But how exactly can a spider do that? And more importantly, should we be afraid?


The spider in the video is a jumping spider. They’re part of the family known as salticidae, which contains over 5,000 known species.


Jumping spiders are known for their remarkable vision.


Like many (but not all) spiders, they have eight eyes, but their unique positioning grants them a comparatively wide range of vision.


Their anterior medial eyes — the really big ones in front — are especially good, essentially allowing the spider to see in color.


This color vision is used to aggressively hunt prey, which is why the red spot in the video above drives it wild!


As if spiders weren’t creepy enough… now I know that they’re probably watching us right now, waiting for the right moment to attack!

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