From games of “I Spy” to Where’s Waldo? books, we all enjoy challenging ourselves with optical illusions and visual puzzles. It’s rewarding to solve them because it takes such a keen eye to get the job done!

Some of the toughest types of visual puzzles are those where you have to spot the difference between two similar images. Here are a few of the hardest you’ll ever see! If you can find them all, then you’re one of the best…

1. Let’s start with a picture from The Simpsons. Sure, it looks like they’re just posing for a nice family photo, but don’t be fooled. There are a few glaring differences in here, and not all of them have to do with the characters themselves…

First of all, it’s obvious that Marge is wearing her necklace in only one of the photos, but did you realize Lisa was, too? Now, take a look at the garage window. Do you see it in the other picture? Didn’t think so.

2. Is anyone here an art expert? If you answered yes, then you’re in luck. Here we’ve got two seemingly identical Mona Lisa images next to each other. Even if you’re familiar with the original, this one might throw you for a loop.

The change is so subtle that even experts have trouble telling the difference! You can see in the background that one of the pictures shows more of the road than the other. Anyone could’ve missed that one.

3. When you’re at Disney, there’s so much to take in. There’s Cinderella’s castle and actors wearing all of your favorite character costumes. Can you spot the differences between these two images, though?

First, the castle on the right has a flag on its highest tower, two windows instead of three, and does not feature a raised spire on a lower tower. The Mickey in the left image has a hollow ear, and the Goofy on the left is wearing a patch on his pants!

4. Here’s another image. While your focus is drawn immediately to the window, you might want to check the smaller details. Here’s a hint: is there anything different inside of the girl’s room?

You could’ve spent several minutes searching in the ocean, only to come up empty-handed. Instead, if you take a look where the floor meets the wall, you’ll clearly see one has a hole in the wall, while the other does not.

5. This one is harder than it looks. All of the negative space in the top-right corner makes the image seem almost empty, but rest assured, there’s a whole lot going on toward the center and bottom. It’s time to do some star gazing.


What the artist didn’t expect, however, was just how good you are at spotting the differences in “identical” photos. We know you definitely saw the logo on the front of the flying saucers was much smaller in one photo than the other. Way to go!

6. This one is supposed to be pretty easy, but even some puzzle masters can’t figure it out. If you’re looking toward the ground, you might want to reconsider your approach. Does anything look off about Big Ben to you?

Why yes—the time is totally different! And what’s that in the sky? Now you see it, now you don’t. Where’d the plane go all of a sudden? Lastly, take a look at the numbers on the bus. They’re not the same. Did you catch all those?

7. If you’re going to spot the obvious differences in this picture of a track runner, you should try to think like a runner. What sort of things do they need to run a race? Start there, and the rest of the answers will follow suit…

The soles of her running shoes are different colors, her bib is sporting a different number, and there’s no letter “D” at the end of the word “Bedford” on the hurdle. That should have been easier! Just wait, there are some more good ones to come…

8. It’s very easy to become distracted by nature’s beauty—even in paintings! But don’t let that take you away from spotting the differences in this autumnal park scene. The difference may be subtle, but it’s right under your nose…

If we lighten the photo just a tad, it becomes much easier to see the difference. The artist attempted to distract you with all the bright autumnal colors, but the difference in these images had nothing to do with leaves. It just comes down to paying attention to details!

9. Who didn’t love playing Nintendo video games growing up? Chances are, you recognize these two characters—Mario and Luigi! Can you spot all the differences between these two side-by-side photos of them?

There are so many changes that only an expert could find them all. The obvious ones are the missing button and letters on the hats. But did you notice Mario’s eyes are looking in a different direction? Holy smokes, that was difficult!

10. It’s easy for many things to look the same on quiet, quaint streets. But if you were take a look around at the seemingly cookie-cutter brick buildings, you’d probably spot some glaring differences…

Good job if you noticed the taller chimney. Did you find the differences in the shadows on the ground? Even the SUV’s missing tail lights would’ve stumped even those with a keen eye. If you got more than one of these, job well done!

Some of those took forever to solve. You’d have to have a great eye to spot every single one of those differences correctly!

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