Rubber chickens are every bit a staple of prop comedy as a whoopee cushion or a can of snakes. With their goofy appearance and high-pitched sound, they’re the perfect addition to any comedic gag.

Kruzah, an adorable 1-year-old Australian horse, seems to love his rubber chicken more than Moe, Larry and Curly combined. You have to see how excited he gets when he squeezes it for the first time.

Kruzah’s owner, Debbie Barber, recently gave her 1-year-old horse a gift: a squeaky rubber chicken, the classic comedy gag toy.


Kruzah hasn’t been able to put the toy down since Debbie gave it to him.


You have to see Kruzah play with the squeaky rubber chicken in the hilarious video video below…

Nothing gets between Kruzah and his new friend!

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