Truth be told, most of us never consider (or care) where our milk comes from or how it gets to our table. It ends up in our cereal bowls and in our bellies, but beyond seeking out the “certified organic” sticker on occasion, not much thought goes into its origins.

Given what this photo suggests, however, we might want to start thinking about it. When you learn what you’re looking at, you might just reconsider your feelings about dairy products.

This photo, which was posted to Facebook, looks like row after row of Porta Potties—but it’s really a sea of crates used to house newborn dairy cows.


Though they look dystopian, the crates are common practice. Newborn baby cows are taken there to live on their own, with many of the males destined to veal farms for slaughter.


This is but one of the steps in a life cycle for many of these cows that includes milking, pregnancy, and death.


Though it’s easier to forget just what goes into the meals we eat everyday, these are some of the hard truths surrounding the industry. What do you think? Is this moral?

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