Eggs are delicious and can give you the energy to tackle the day, so it’s no wonder why they’re a staple at breakfast tables across America. You can add almost any protein or vegetable to them and it’ll make for a nutritious breakfast to start any day.

But shopping for eggs can be overwhelming, and most people don’t realize the major differences between various kinds. Indeed, not all eggs are created equal!

If you’re one of those people who simply grabs a dozen and moves on, you really need to watch this video…

Eggs may be one of the most popular breakfast foods out there, but most people still don’t realize that there are major differences between the eggs that are available in neighborhood grocery stores and the ones that come directly from farms.

One woman wanted to show Internet users the vast differences between farm-fresh eggs and factory-farmed eggs in an intriguing video that’s sure to startle anyone who eats them on a regular basis. She started by buying three cartons of eggs. The carton that she’s touching in this photograph are the eggs that came straight from a local farmer.

The second carton she bought was from a local market. According to the packaging, the eggs were produced by grain-fed, free-running chickens. However, many times companies will print these words on their cartons to make it seem like the eggs are completely natural. Often times, they’re not.

The third carton was purchased at a regular supermarket. There was nothing special written on the box, and they were the cheapest purchase out of all three. Also, the eggs in this particular carton were slightly smaller than the rest of them.

The first egg the woman decided to demonstrate to viewers was from the farmer’s carton. She wanted to start with the healthiest ones first. These were also the largest eggs out of all of them. The woman insisted that the color of these yolks would be a much more vibrant orange-yellow hue than the other two.

She carefully cracked the first egg over a skillet, and as soon as the yolk hit the pan, it became immediately obvious that the color was a beautiful, rich golden yellow. This had everything to do with the way the chickens who produced them were raised.

When chickens are allowed to roam free (hence the term “free-range”), they have a less stressful life; stress and anxiety can affect a chicken’s eggs immensely. They also eat a much healthier diet, and farmers don’t inject them with antibiotics to enhance their growth, which also affects their eggs’ flavor and nutritional value.

The woman then cracked the other two types of eggs into the same skillet as the farm-fresh one. You can immediately see the difference. The other two just didn’t carry the same deep color in their yolks, which was a sign that they were lacking important nutrients.

The woman let the eggs fry for a few minutes before they were finally done cooking. Here’s the final product. Can you guess which one is the healthy egg from the local farm? It’s pretty startling that the cartons we see in grocery stores are far less nutritious than advertised!

If you’re trying to incorporate more organically grown products into your diet, then you need to watch the full video below. Not only does this woman discuss eggs, but she talks about several other products she uses that are far more nutritious than the chemical-laden foods so many of us purchase every day!

The difference is as clear as night and day! It makes perfect sense that the health of the chickens whose eggs we’re eating really impacts our own health. Not to mention, buying healthier eggs supports the farmers who treat their animals better.

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