Part of the difficulty of owning a dog is the fact that, much like small children, they don’t always behave in a way that’s in their best interest. From eating things that might make them sick to excitedly running into the middle of a busy road to chase a ball, it can sometimes be difficult to keep our furry friends safe.

With that in mind, few moments are as terrifying as when our dogs are in danger. Lisa DeLong of Canada experienced this firsthand when her beloved pooch, Nellie, swam out a bit too far in open water.

Lisa was frantic and unsure of what to do when a passing stranger suddenly spotted Nellie struggling. What he did next changed all of their lives forever…

Adam Parker was walking along the beach in Halifax, Canada with his dog when he noticed a brown speck floundering in the distant water. It was Nellie, a young pup who was in danger of drowning as she struggled to keep her head above water.

stranger-saves-dogLisa Delong

Adam spotted the dog’s owner, Lisa DeLong, as she frantically called out to Nellie. The poor pup had been swimming desperately in circles for about an hour! Lisa was unable to make it out into the ocean to save Nellie, but Adam knew what he had to do.


Adam told Lisa that he would be back—and he assured her that he was going to save Nellie. It was quite a bold claim, but he clearly wouldn’t have said it if he wasn’t confident that he’d be successful in his important mission.


It was apparent that Nellie was distressed—she’d likely become disoriented when she lost sight of shore. Adam, who was a paramedic, swam nearly 1,000 feet out into the open water to retrieve the pooch, who kept her ball in her mouth the entire time.


By all accounts, Nellie seemed proud, as if holding onto her beloved tennis ball and bringing it back to shore was her only goal that day. Adam bravely pulled her back to shore, and he and Nellie shared a few kisses once they were on dry land. Lisa, understandably, was more than thankful.


Because of one stranger’s selfless act of bravery, Nellie got another shot at life! Hopefully from now on, the overeager dog will be just a little bit more careful when she finds herself excitedly chasing her tennis ball into the water!

stranger-saves-dog-6Lisa Delong

Nellie and her owner had a special bond before this close call, but now they’re even closer. And the best part? Nellie has a new friend to play fetch with, thanks to the man who saved her life. It’s never too late to be a hero!

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