Just before Christmas, Amy Rickel was nearing rock bottom. After moving with her three children to Green Bay, Wisconsin so they could be closer to their father, she’d run out of money. Living out of a hotel room, she couldn’t even get her kids into local children’s shelters, since they had three-month waiting periods.

In her desperation, she wrote out a long text to a friend, explaining the situation and asking for help and prayers. Right after hitting send, she realized she’d sent it to the wrong number. But then, a miraculous thing happened she never would’ve expected…

Just before Christmas, Amy Rickel’s car broke down, she ran out of money, and was nearly homeless. If there was ever someone in need of a miracle, it was this mom of three.


So she reached out to a friend hoping for help and prayers. When she realized she’d contacted the wrong number, she apologized.


And then her miracle arrived…

No matter what you believe, this is a remarkable connection. If there is such a thing as a Christmas miracle, this is most definitely it!

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