Nothing ruins a nice home cooked meal quite like bugs crawling over your kitchen. All it takes is one sighting at a dinner party and everyone in the neighborhood will know in no time.

Faced with this problem, one woman discovered a way to get rid of the annoying sugar ants in her kitchen… and when you see what she did, you’ll be asking yourself how you hadn’t thought of this before!

To get rid of sugar ants, try this easy trick. It only requires a few household items you already have.

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Start with ordinary powdered sugar or a simple syrup to lure these creepy crawlies into a trap that will get rid of them for good.

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Once you attract them with a sugar solution, you can add a special ingredient to the mix to get rid of them once and for all.

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A popular option to do this is mixing sugar with borax, a household cleaner. Borax is safe for humans, but it’s deadly to ants.

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To make this easy anti-ant solution, mix one to two tablespoons of borax crystals with half a cup of sugar until they are completely blended. Next, dissolve the mixture in 1 1/2 cups warm water. The powder will dissolve when it’s ready to be used.

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Soak a cotton ball in this solution and place it where you see the most ants. They will be attracted by the sugar and consume the borax.

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This is an easy and cheap solution to a very annoying problem. The ants in my house are TOAST.

Share this genius trick with your friends and family. They’ll be forever in your debt!