Every day, foodies head to Instagram and Pinterest to post pictures of culinary delights unlike anything anyone’s ever seen before. One minute it’s kale chips, the next, they’re tossing caution to the wind and devouring heaps of cronuts.

While there’s never an exact reason why any given creation or trend gains more traction than another, each dish does have a unique way of garnering widespread attention. Some succeed because of their nutritious value, but others are just too absurd to ignore.

The latest trend to sweep social media sites is a dish that falls under the latter category. It’s called the Swineapple, and not only is it an eye-catching trend, but it’s hitting a home run with tastebuds, too…

Everyone knows that in order to keep up with the latest food trends and recipes, you have to scour social media sharing sites like Instagram and Pinterest. There, you can find a wide variety of new and interesting foods to indulge your digital tastebuds.

The biggest trends of the past couple of months have included dishes and beverages like unicorn frappuccinos, avocado toast, and cloud eggs. Yet, even those are practically old news by now, since there’s seemingly always something new to try.

Enter the latest trend to sweep social media users right off their feet. It’s a dish so bizarre that the internet has all but lost its collective mind pining after its sweet and salty combination of taste. Behold: the swineapple!

You heard that right. The swineapple. It consists of a whole pineapple stuffed to the brim with pork and then wrapped in woven slices of bacon. While it’s just as the name would suggest, the description can’t quite do it justice.

People are encouraged to put their own spin on the seasoning of their own swineapples. This open-ended recipe has, of course, led to many people sharing their different cooking methods on social media.

Many people have been more than happy to share their results with their followers online. “We made a swineapple and our summer is now complete,” one Twitter user said after barbecuing the latest trendy dish for dinner.


As is the case with many other foods paired with pineapple—coughpizzacough—the swineapple has also caused some divided opinions. Believe it or not, many people are just downright repulsed by the very idea of such a dish.


In fact, some Twitter users have found the very idea of the meal so repulsive that they feel its creator belongs in a special place that’s, let’s just say, not very pleasant. “Whoever came up with this has a special place in hell,” one said blankly.


No matter what, people will always find a way to argue about any given food trend’s ability to live up to its hype. The swineapple is, of course, just the latest in a storied history of foodie freakouts being up for debate.

No matter if you find the swineapple absolutely mouthwatering or totally repulsive, you have to admit, it’s definitely pretty wild! See how to make your own and find out whether you buy into the hype or not…

The swineapple sure sounds tasty. As always, when it comes to internet food trends, you have to wonder what they’ll come up with next. Would you try this?

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