This Idiot Dressed In A T-Rex Costume To Taunt A 500-Pound Alligator

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People who work with large and dangerous animals would be the first to tell you that their job comes at a serious risk. One misstep or misunderstanding between man and animal could potentially have devastating consequences.

The majority of these trainers take every necessary precaution to ensure that they’re as safe as possible while handling such animals. Some, however, go out of their way to get a rise from the creatures.

Take park ranger Jason McDonald as an example of this. He decided it would be a good idea to dress in a T-rex costume and taunt a 500-pound alligator. Watch what happened when the alligator decided he’d had enough…

While Jason was practically unable to see the predator coming his way, just watch what happened when the alligator decided once and for all that he’d had enough fooling around…


That’s taking stupidity to a new level. Why a trained professional would take a risk like that in front of people is just downright baffling.

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