Some people are defensive drivers who simply respond to the road conditions in ways to keep themselves safe. Others, however, are just plain aggressive.

The latter type, unfortunately, has a nasty tendency of making the road more dangerous for everybody, themselves included.

Just take a look at what happened to this tailgater in Wisconsin. He stayed dangerously close to the vehicle in front of him, and when that driver got tired of it, things quickly got out of control—fast!

As a driver, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re as safe as possible when using the roads. Unfortunately, there are aggressive drivers out there who make conditions dangerous for everyone.

To that point, these drivers fail to take as many precautions. Likewise, they have a tendency to make the road a more perilous place than it ever should be. Ultimately, no one should want to be an aggressive driver.

Case in point: one Wisconsin driver recently captured something unbelievable on his truck’s dashboard camera. It was proof that it doesn’t pay to drive and be reckless. Just wait until you see this…


As the driver went under an overpass, he came upon two black SUVs driving in the fast lane. The one in the rear was lingering dangerously close to the one in front of it. The rear driver kept up the tailgating for a number of miles as well.


Eventually, the driver of the front SUV got tired of being bullied on the road and brake-checked the tailgater to send a message to back off. This, unfortunately, had some unintended consequences for that driver, too…


While it can be tempting to act like these drivers, these results pretty much speak for themselves. See what happened to the tailgater after the front SUV driver briefly pumped the brakes…

This is exactly why tailgating is a terrible idea, especially when it’s just to send a message. These drivers learned the hard way what can happen when you drive too aggressively. Mistakes like this one are all too common. Take what happened to another driver, for instance…

An unidentified woman was recently driving down a freeway near her home when she noticed that a truck was tailgating her for a few miles. Not knowing what else to do, she pulled out a camera and began filming the ordeal taking place.

Growing more and more irritable, the driver—who was speeding recklessly close to her rear bumper—decided to pass her. While doing so, he flipped her the middle finger and sped off. That wasn’t the end of it, though…

The aggressive driver didn’t let it end there. Instead, he lingered next to her for several seconds, before speeding off and letting her know how angry he really was. See how karma has a way of letting you know that you’ve made a big mistake?

It’s definitely smart to be a safe driver, though the woman filming the man in the second story wasn’t so safe, either. There’s no point in rushing to get somewhere, especially if you risk not making it at all. And, of course, you should never use your cell phone while driving! It’s always better to pull over to the right lane and allow the aggressive driver to pass you.

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