There’s often a fine line between a good prank and one that goes a bit too far. Any expert prankster knows how to toe this line, of course, but for the less-experienced, things can end in total disaster.

One husband recently decided to pull what he considered a hilarious prank on his unsuspecting wife. Hiding behind an enormous teddy bear in the corner of their living room, he waited patiently for his wife to walk through the front door. That’s when he started to move the bear.

His wife’s reaction, however, is about as good as it gets.

Before his wife walked in the door, this prankster quickly darted behind an enormous teddy bear they had sitting in the corner of their living room.


Just as planned, his wife walked in. But when he moved the bear to try to scare her…


You just have to watch his wife’s hysterical reaction!

(Video may take a moment to load.)

She sure got the heck out of there fast, huh? Barely any investigating, just right out of the house like she was in Poltergeist!

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