Getting locked out of your car is really annoying. You have to go digging for a spare key, or worse, call a locksmith to come out, eating up time and money. Who needs the headache?

Luckily there is a way of unlocking your own car that takes seconds. All you need is a tennis ball, and a little bit of elbow grease. If it sounds to be good to be true, you need to read on.

Uh-oh! You’re standing at your locked car when you remember that you left your keys inside! Don’t panic.


You’ll want to have an ordinary tennis ball handy. First, cut or burn a small hole in the surface of the ball.


Next, holding the ball with your thumb and index fingers, place the newly placed hole over the car’s lock.


Finally, push as hard as you can on the tennis ball.


What happens is almost too crazy to believe. Watch this!

I always thought the old tennis ball car door trick was a myth, but she just proved me wrong. I have a feeling this is going to prove very useful one day (probably soon).

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