The main disadvantage of renting a home, as opposed to owning one, has nothing to do with building equity, believe it or not. It’s dealing with the dreaded landlord. Don’t get us wrong, property owners can be good people, but it’s no secret that there are some terrible landlords and landladies (landpeople?) out there.

These 10 landlords, however, need to really be put in their place. Some of them are passive-aggressive, stupid, or both. Luckily for us, they’re also hilarious!

1. They do know that a water bottle is not an effective replacement for a fire extinguisher, right?


2. “You’re telling me that you close the door when you’re on the toilet? But how do you hear the TV?”


3. Who actually likes standing up to take a shower, anyway?

4. “Wow, free stairs!”

5. We can’t even understand what this landlord is trying to achieve here.

6. “Temperature is just an illusion in your mind, man. By the way, your heating bill is due tomorrow.”

7. Well, at least the lock isn’t going anywhere…

8. You can, in fact, just put a Band-Aid on all of your problems.

9. Duct tape is the universal tool of bad landlords everywhere.

10. Hey, if you’re going to be a terrible landlord, at least have the decency to do your half-baked repair jobs with duct tape like the guy above!

After seeing these awful sights, we bet any homeowner doesn’t miss the days before they were paying a mortgage. We’d say that these tenants should withhold rent until their landlords get their act together, but somehow, we don’t see that working out…

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