Friendly neighbors can really come in handy when you need a cup of sugar or an egg, but that doesn’t mean you always get along with them. In fact, there are times when the people living next door might just cause you more trouble than they’re worth.

While we’ve all dealt with our fair share of bad neighbors, most of us haven’t had one as awful as these folks. This 25 terrible pals-next-door are like none you’ve ever met!

1. Okay, but seriously, who steals a plant?


2. Hey, have you met my neighbor, Snarky?


3. It’s a free country, Barb.


4. Surrounded by thieves.


5. Well, it is important to read.


6. Send a message to the other old ladies.


7. Gotta bolt those things down.


8. Did they run out of paper to write this on?


9. If you’re gonna sass me, at least spell “exorcism” correctly.


10. Door-to-door delivery.


11. The “Straightforward Approach.”


12. Tread carefully.


13. Free peanut plants seem okay to me.


14. Don’t scold me via pop culture references from 2012!


15. There’s a lot of smugness wrapped up in this “friendly” notice.


16. Dashing through the STFU.


17. They’re gonna make three of these somehow.


18. Just chiming in here, but do they understand what “class action” means?


19. Probably drives a real sweet 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix, too.


20. You’re a bad neighbor, Harry.


21. Respectable power play.


22. Dedication.


23. This seems reasonable.


24. I’m gonna need a proper PowerPoint detailing those suggestions.


25. Sign up for free yoga classes here!

26. Neighbors aren’t the only ones making their presence known, sometimes it’s the people inside your home that decide to mess with you. When this man found out his roommate was afraid of bugs, he took his prank game to the next level with this fake creepy crawler.


27. Just imagine living in a house where your roommate would tape not one, not two, but five party poppers to the inside of your bedroom door. 


28. This guy had better really love playing croquet, because not only does he get to see a croquet court every day, but he gets to live on a croquet court every day.


29. You can imagine this person is going to remember not to ask their diabolical roommate to buy tin foil in bulk the next time they take a trip to Costco. Tin hats off to this prankster!


30. Any real prankster will tell you that basing your goofs on your roommate’s greatest fear is a surefire way to pull a good one. That’s exactly why you should tell your friends you’re afraid of money and puppies.


31. There’s nothing worse than finding out there’s a leak in your apartment; no one ever wants to be the one to call the landlord to come and fix it. This brilliant person told their friend there was a “leek” in their bathroom to evoke a little fear.


32. Air horns are alarming to people no matter where you put them. So when this person’s roommate taped one behind the front door to their apartment, you’d better believe that the next unlucky soul to open that door fell straight to the floor.


33. The falling basket above the door is a nice nod to ’90s movie booby traps, like ones in Home Alone and Three Ninjas, but the can that swings around and hits the man in the groin might be a little much, even for Kevin McCallister.


34. It’s considered good luck when a ladybug lands on you, but that’s a different story when your roommate puts upwards of a thousand fake ladybugs in your bed. Not even all the luck in the world could help you get a decent night’s sleep after that!


35. Most homebuyers pay the big bucks for beachfront property, but this guy didn’t even have to spend a dime. Just imagine waking up next to a palm tree, rolling out of bed, and sitting in a pool in the morning.


36. Instead of buying a night light for their roommate who’s afraid of the dark, this person decided to add a shadow person to their dark hallway instead. That’ll surely keep them from hogging the bathroom at night…


37. With the re-release of Stephen King’s It, people’s fear of clowns is at an all-time high. Unfortunately for this person, the next time they go to the bathroom, they might pee their pants before they have a chance to use the toilet.


38. There are roommate pranks that are mean and then there are roommate pranks that are downright cruel. Case in point: when this person thought it would be okay to intentionally freeze their friend’s pint of Ben & Jerry’s to the freezer.


39. This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but you have to imagine this guy’s friend really doesn’t like it when he asks him to do his chores. “Oh, so you think I’m going to clean for you? Well, you’ve got another thing coming!”


40. Speaking of asking your roommates to do favors for you, this is a perfect example of why you should never do that. Macaroni and cheese Kool-Aid doesn’t exactly sound like comfort food. “No one will ever ask me to do them a favor ever again.”

41. The next time you want to leave a note on someone’s car because they did a poor parking job, just consider the amount of time this person spent carefully placing all these sticky notes. Surely one note would’ve sufficed?


42. When this person’s roommate turned their bedroom into a closet by installing new drywall, you have to imagine it wasn’t exactly the renovation they were looking for. Thankfully, they managed to carve a hole in the wall so they could eventually get some rest.