Woman Looks At Her Vacation Photos From Thailand And Makes A Terrifying Discovery

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Going on a trip abroad often comes with a lot of warnings. Depending on where you’re heading, friends and experts alike will tell you to watch out for all sorts of thieves in seedy areas.

One tourist recently discovered just how dicey things can get when she and her boyfriend looked back through their pictures. Though she hadn’t realized it at the time, posing for a simple picture had led to her being the victim of a crime that perfectly demonstrates just how careful you have to be.

After a British woman and her boyfriend visited Thailand, they decided to look back through the pictures. That’s when they noticed she’d been the victim of a very sneaky crime. Can you see it happening here?


Look again. Notice that one of the little girls she’s posing with is swiping the watch right off her wrist?


Now, that will ruin your trip!


Wow, that sure is sneaky. Remember folks, keep your valuables safe and sound when traveling anywhere!

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