“Brexit” or British Exit, was a referendum in which British citizens voted to exit the European Union. Far right radicals feared that immigrants were taking their country away from them and that the U.K. would lose its place in the world. Brexit ultimately resulted in 52% of the country voting to leave the union.

Thomas Mair, 53,  was one of those far right extremists who supported the European Union taking the isolationist approach. On June 16, 2016, one week before UK citizens voted on Brexit, he murdered British Parliament member Jo Cox in support of these beliefs. When police looked further into the mind of this madman they uncovered a shady past…

After police captured Mair within the hour that he murdered Jo Cox, they began looking into his home to search for evidence. What they uncovered proved that he was a deeply deranged, Nazi, neo-facist, white supremacist.

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Mair’s neighbors described him as a shy and unassuming man, who rarely entertained any guests. In truth, he was plotting to murder a member of the British parliament from the comfort and seclusion of his two-bedroom apartment. His bookshelves were lined with Nazi writings and publications in support of racial hygiene. Some of the titles included: “March Of The Titans: A History Of The White Race, Death and Deliverance.


When authorities searched his computer they found he had been conducting disturbing searches over a long period of time. He had spent a lot of time preparing a dossier on Jo Cox and did immense research on other British politicians. He frequently visited far right websites about the SS and the KKK. 

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Mair also searched Ian Gow, the last member of parliament to be assassinated.

Authorities found that Mair’s cabinets were practically empty. They noted that he only had two cans of baked beans and a bottle of ketchup.

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Mair was also a subscriber to multiple controversial far right publications including The Journal of a South African White Supremacist Political Party and The National Vanguard.

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Mair kept newspaper articles about Norwegian terrorist/mass murderer Anders Breivik, whom they believe he idolized.

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It’s terrifying that people like Thomas Mair truly agree with the hateful publications they read. What a disturbing look into this man’s mind.

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