It’s always fascinating to learn about the past, especially the history of your own family. We can talk to older living relatives to get firsthand accounts, or dive into old photos for a glimpse of what life was like before us.

When one Imgur user was looking around his grandma’s home, he made an astonishing discovery. Inside a safe in her ceramics room, he discovered a time capsule that gave him a glimpse into who his grandma really was many years ago…

While snooping around his grandma’s ceramics room, one Imgur user made quite the discovery — a time capsule.


He was led to find the box only after following a series of curious signs. While searching through this nondescript cupboard, the man noticed something odd. It was a false bottom in the cupboard, and when he investigated he found something he couldn’t believe.


The false bottom of the cupboard concealed a safe. The man had no idea what this safe could be for, so he alerted his grandma to what he found. It was in her house, after all.


The man’s grandma said that she didn’t know the combination to open the safe. She told him to open it by any means necessary. So, they took it outside and pried it open with a chisel.


That’s when they found the capsule, corroded after years of being buried. The capsule belonged to the Imgur user’s late grandfather, and inside of it was a mysterious black bag.


That’s when he discovered among its contents, a message that read: “Abandon All Regret Ye Who Enter Here,” a line from Dante’s Inferno.


The bag had Chinese calligraphy on it. When translated it means “Double happiness.” 


Once he opened the bag, inside were a plethora of items. A pen, a plastic box, a suede pouch, even a lamp. 


Depicted on a photographic plate was his great-great-grandma. 


Along with a photo of his great grandfather…


He decided to look inside the suede pouch. Inside, he found a vintage pocket watch. He assumed that the owner was his great grandfather, as well.


There was also a bundle of stamps inside of the pouch.


The stamps were from all over the world. Including Uzbekistan, Rwanda, and Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.


The mysterious genie lamp didn’t seem to have any magical powers, though it was a very cool item.


Inside of the plastic box was an assortment of old coins. 


Like the stamps, the coins were from all around the world. Some of the places included: Pakistan, New Zealand, Venezuela, Cuba, Jamaica and a few others. 


This strange key didn’t belong to anything in the safe. Perhaps, meaning there’s another safe hidden somewhere in the home?


There were also two pendants, which were dated between 1914 and 1918. 


The Imgur user still has yet to find out if any of the items have any worth, though they all have their own priceless value.


Another member of Imgur cleaned up the photograph of his great grandfather. So now he has a very clean vision of what he looked like.


It’s so cool that this family was able to take a peek into a few moments in time that they may have thought were lost forever. This definitely brought a smile to my face.

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