It’s not uncommon for people who fall in love to feel as though they’ve been brought together by some sort of gravitational pull beyond their control. It’s as if someone or something else knew they belonged together and made it happen.

Say what you will, but these moments of serendipity are special to those who believe in them. Feeling like you belong with someone else is truly a coveted feeling and sometimes that requires a helping hand you didn’t know was there.

For Cathleen Cavin and Brian Herrera, a couple from Petaluma, California, happy accidents were abound when they came into each others lives. The way they met was completely unpredictable…

Not long ago, Cathleen was a single mom living in Petaluma, California when she decided to adopt a cat from a local shelter. It wasn’t long before she was smitten with a pair of twin kitties. Sadly, she would only be able to take care of one of them, so they had to make a quick decision. 

tinder-cat-2Cathleen Cavin

“We had such a hard time picking one at the shelter because they looked so much alike and we couldn’t tell them apart,” Cathleen said in an interview about making the decision to adopt one of the twin kittens. They settled on Ozzy, though, they often thought back about his sibling.

After a few years with Ozzy, Cathleen was still single and so, with a little convincing from a friend, she began using the online dating app Tinder. That’s how she met Brian. After getting to know each other for a brief period they decided to go on a date. When they hit it off immediately, he invited her over to his house and that’s when things got interesting…

tinder-cat-1Cathleen Cavin

Brian walked Cathleen to his backyard and she spotted something unexpected. “We walked out to his back yard and I saw an orange and white cat out of the corner of my eye. I did a double take and walked over to the cat and could NOT believe my eyes,” she said. “I knew right away that he was Ozzy’s lost brother! I started yelling out, ‘That’s my cat, that’s my cat!’ He just thought I was making it up or a crazy cat lady!”

tinder-cat-3Cathleen Cavin

As it turns out, Brian had adopted Ozzy’s brother, Butter, just four days after she had adopted her cat. Cathleen and his relationship has continued to progress and the two are considering moving in together. They decided to introduce Ozzy and Butter to one another. “After realizing that we had long lost cat brothers, we were amazed and felt like it was serendipity!” she said. 

tinder-cat-4Cathleen Cavin

“It was love at first sight when we met and the cats just solidified that we truly belong together!”

The cats have officially been reunited, though their response to one another wasn’t as exciting as Brian and Cathleen would’ve hoped. Still, their hopes still remain high for the siblings. “It will be a process but I have no doubt that the two will start snuggling again soon!” Cathleen said.

tinder-cat-5Cathleen Cavin

To think that people can be brought together by forces beyond their control is so exciting. I wonder what other kind of interesting love stories Tinder has created!

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