Driving during the winter can be a huge hassle if you’re not properly prepared. Without important gear like a good ice scraper or snow tires, even the most routine journey can instantly turn into a challenge greater than what you bargained for!

One California driver recently found a novel new approach to tackle driving in snowy conditions. When highway patrol caught a glimpse of his method, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing!

Officers in the Truckee division of the California Highway Patrol were recently shocked to find a car using an odd type of zip-tie rather than conventional tire chains to gain traction in the snow.

tires-1Facebook / CHP – Truckee

The ties, which the police had never seen before, are actually a new product called ZipGripGo, which are the result of 2015 Kickstarter campaign. They promise to provide tire traction in the mud, snow, and other tricky terrains at about a tenth of the cost of tire chains!

tires-3Kickstarter / ZipGripGo

The Truckee police warned against using these ties as a permanent replacement for conventional tire chains because they haven’t been approved for use in all types of terrains and weather conditions, but they’re definitely a good temporary substitute and may change the way we drive in the snow for good!

tires-2Flickr / Todd McCann

Wow, that’s pretty neat! These zip ties are definitely a cool option for winter driving, but be sure to check your local laws regarding approved tire traction devices before using them.

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