If you were to ask someone to name the cutest animal they could think of, the tortoise would probably not top the list. But they should. They’re actually quite charming in their own unique, slow-moving way.

So what happens when a tortoise meets an adorable mini horse? There was only one way to know for sure. Lucky for us, this pet owner decided to record their adorable introduction, as the two have a meet-and-greet over a few delicious lettuce leaves.

But it didn’t end there; keep an eye out for the surprise guest…

One pet owner decided to make our dreams come true when they introduced this tortoise to his new best pal, an adorable mini horse.


As the two got to know each other over some yummy lettuce leaves…


Someone else decided to get in on the fun…and made this moment even cuter!

When that puppy entered the fray—and the mini horse reacted the way it did—it would be hard for anyone’s heart to not melt into a puddle! It’s so funny how the puppy spots the other two feasting and just has to get in on the action. Too cute!

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